February 8, 2008

Coaster 2.0 update

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coaster 2.0

Now with text!

Well, we updated our coaster:2.0 design application with a number of new things. First of all, we implemented a way to add your own text to the coaster. It’s working now with four different fonts.

Coaster 2.0 now with text

Six pattern types

More patternsSecondly, you have now the ability to experiment with six different pattern types. We got a little bored with the same square rotational pattern, so we made it into a little pattern family. Each pattern has it’s own style, peculiarities and possibilities. Additionally, the hexagonal shapes will give you some more safety margin in creating a sturdy coaster.

And remember: we want designing, experimenting and learning to be free! Our ordering and production system is nearing completion, so soon you will be able to transform your design into a real tangible product. Happy designing!

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  1. Renzo says:

    Hey, (ik doe het maar even in het engels :) .. I found this little app a few days ago and it reminded me of your coaster project (which is great btw). Check it out, maybe you find some inspiration in it. (PS The slideshow is also worth checking out)


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