February 8, 2008

coaster:2.0 – a creative design tool

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coaster 2.0

a new sound in mass-customization

Mass-customization has giving you more control over the appearance of the products you buy. You can change the colors of your shoes (Puma) and turn a photo of your pet into everything from a mug to a teddybear (foto.com). We however missed the element of creativity in this process. Therefore, studio:ludens says “genere ludens!” (or “create through play!” for all us non-Romans).

a new design-tool for everyone

We hereby launch our very first online creative design tool: coaster:2.0. This tool gives you a major say in the design process of your own coasters. In a nutshell, this application offers you:
  • a fun and easy-to-use design interface
  • cool patterns in no-time
  • infinite design possibilities
  • an option to order your designs online (coming soon)

At the moment you can already design, log in and save designs you make. Very soon the order system will be up and running, allowing you to order your favorite design(s)!

coaster_screenshot Click the screenshot to start designing or read on for some examples of what you can create with this tool. mass customizationcreative controlplaycoaster:2.0

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  1. It can be difficult to say regardless of whether this really is good, nevertheless only time will tell, as with most great design.

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