April 29, 2009

Super easy pattern making with ‘Repper’

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repper-logo What started as a weekend project has developed into a working product for you to get your hands on, for free! We are proud to present to you: Repper, the pattern creator. This nifty app turns any image into a pattern you can use in your favourite image program, your social networking profile background or your website. I posted a video for you on youtube and vimeo so you can check out how it works. Repper Youtube Youtube Video repper vimeo Vimeo video Give it a go! And tell us what you think! If you have comments, suggestions for improvement, requests for new features or praise, you are more than welcome to send it to us. We need your input to improve this tool, and that’s what we want to do. Stay tuned for updates and new features to Repper over the coming weeks. And, of course, happy pattern making!

4 Responses to “Super easy pattern making with ‘Repper’”

  1. Lawrie says:

    Great work, I really like this. It’s very fun, easy to use and I’m surprised by how nice some of the patterns I’m making are.

  2. Lawrie says:

    Also – watching the video, I think it would be great to add web-cam support so you could tile up a portion of a web-cam image in real time. Might be pretty processor intensive, but it would be really cool!

  3. admin says:

    Hey Lawrie, thanks for your comments. We actually thought about the webcam idea; expect this to work in the next version!

  4. Jocuri says:

    I’d like to say that you always offer valid information and I have been an fascinated reader of your site for quite some time. I wanted to say thankyou really :) for all the good work you do!

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