September 28, 2009

Repper Pro – first screens

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Over the past month, we have been busy with the Repper tool. We think there is some amazing potential for improvement and with your input we have decided on a bunch of new features for the next version. These will be:
  • Improved interface You know we love creating easy and fun interfaces so the next one will be even better!
  • New patterns You have seen the two patterns in the current Repper tool, but this is the top of the iceberg in pattern land. In total, there are 19 patterns and we will be implementing more and more of these. To make it even better, we will integrate a lot of them in the online version too!
  • High-resolution input images and resulting patterns This is a much requested feature of all you pattern freaks online, and we’re happy to say that you will be able to go really big with the new version, so it can finally be used for print! We are really curious what you will do with this.
  • It’s faster We have decided that an online app is all good and great, but if you want to use big images this can really put a strain on your internet connection. Therefore, the new version will be a desktop app, ready to use with a click of your mouse.
  • We love the creators All of you who have created one or more patterns know how cool it is to design something yourself. Therefore we want to make it possible for everyone (not just you designers) to make real products with your patterns. This is very much an ongoing process, so we can use all the input from you. What do you want to make with it?
  • Vector support This is more for the fabric creators amongst you. How cool would it be to make patterns for your fabric in any size? Pretty cool, we think.
Apart from these key new features, we will be adding more and more over time, based on your feedback. You might have seen that we put a short questionnaire on the Repper page. By filling in this questionnaire, you will be helping us to get a better idea of what you want. There’s nothing left but showing you some screenshots of our work in progress. new_repper_1 More after the jump… newrepper_pattern2 newrepper_pattern1 The two basic patterns that are in the current version of Repper, but now in high resolution! newrepper_pattern3 newrepper_pattern4 And two new hexagonal patterns. newrepper_pattern_color1 newrepper_pattern_bw newrepper_pattern_color2 See the recoloring tools at work. newrepper_pattern_washedout newrepper_patternscaling And scaling of the final pattern, allowing you to save the image in any size.

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