May 12, 2010

How-to: Print your patterns on fabric

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We find patterns everywhere around us. One place where you can’t go without some good ol’ pattern-making is fashion design. So what if you made a lovely pattern and you’d like to get it printed on textile? Meet our friends at Spoonflower!

spoonflower logo

Spoonflower is able to print any design you make with Repper. They have a variety of fabrics, including regular and organic cotton, linen-cotton and even exotics like bamboo-cotton. Prices range from 18 to 32 USD per yard (for metric-minded people: that’s about a square meter), with discount if you are the designer of the pattern.

Below is one of our own patterns printed on linen, looking pretty good. This test-print was made at the Textile Museum in Tilburg, NL.

B&W pattern on synethic linen

We hope you feel inspired to use all those pretty patterns and turn them into haute-couture! Send us a photo with your patterned dress/shirt/pants and we will feature you on our blog.

Be sure to keep an eye on our blog, because there is more info & tips coming up for pattern-making fashion fans.

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