June 8, 2010

Tips & Tricks for Repper Lite

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Repper Lite is the best tool for quickly creating patterns for use in graphic design, as website backgrounds or for your social profile. However, there are some less know features of Repper Lite that are worth checking out.

Did you know:

you can go full screen?

Click on the + in the top right corner of the tool and click the ‘go full screen’ button. Press Escape to go back.

you can use your webcam to create funky effects?

Select video in the first menu. You have to allow Flash to use your webcam. Now you can create patterns from your room, face or anything else you can find directly. Want to pause the video? Click the button again.

you can set your twitter background directly?

Create a pattern you like and click the ‘Create Twitter background’ button. Fill in your Twitter username and password (don’t worry, we won’t store anything) and click ‘change now’ to update. It’s that easy!

you can use patterns created by others?

Over 100.000 patterns have been created so far. You can explore these patterns in the gallery.

Take a look at the tag cloud to find something you like. Did you know you can also look for patterns by color?

And the best thing: you can use these patterns in your own (non-commercial) projects for free! So get inspired by the creativity of others.

Enjoy creating patterns with Repper Lite!

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