September 15, 2010

Extending the workforce!

Category News — studioludens @ 5:36 pm

We are seriously lucky to have found these two gems: Lotte & Harry. They will be joining studio:ludens for a 5-month internship.

Lotte van der Zanden

Lotte will be focusing on the promotion of Repper & visual communication. She will also make sure we don’t neglect the “female side” of studio:ludens and compensate our nerdiness a bit!

Henri Louis Schöter

Harry (Henri Louis for strangers) will be joining our efforts to keep improving the features and interface of Repper. He also has a broad range of interests and is very talkative, so he’ll make sure we get sufficiently distracted during the day!

They might be joining us during our upcoming events (NerdLab, TextielWeekend and Dutch Design Week), so if you want to meet them in person, just pop around during one of these activities.

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