Here to help others

Our mission is to give people the creative freedom to design their own products.

Apart from being passionate about good design, we are foremost passionate about people. We want to give creatives the digital tools to make the design process easier, more inspiring and more fun.

studio:ludens was founded by two people: Wouter Walmink and Alexander Rulkens, both bachelor graduates in the field of industrial and interaction design.

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we are explorers, creators, designers

The team

With two enthusiastic people we work on creating the best design tools in the world. Meet the team!

photo of Wouter

Wouter Walmink, founder & CEO

photo of Alexander

Alexander Rulkens, Founder & CEO

What’s in a name?

So, what does ‘ludens’ mean, exactly? It comes from the book Homo Ludens, which means so much as ‘playful man’. Just like the author of the book, we believe that play is an essential element of our nature and that we should nurture and stimulate it.

As designers we wish to add to the playfulness in this world. Our design tools let you play with your own creativity and we hope you will create wonderful designs with them and test them to their limits.

Because there is a little kid in each of us.