November 20, 2010

Studio:ludens is fully kicking out at Underworld

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After a long week of hard work, getting ready for the big Repper contest (coming up!) and the aftermath of the engraved-banana, studio:ludens is parking in the pit stop for the weekend, letting go while Born Slippy is making the Underworld crowd all sentimental.

Thanks to Maarten, for the VIP tickets ;-)

Come and see the project Flosculus / Flower Power that studio:ludens helped building with Little Mountain and Philips at the STRP festival in Eindhoven, NL. Video footage of the installation is on its way.

October 12, 2010

Textiel Weekend workshop fun

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A week ago, we had a fun and rewarding weekend doing workshops at the TextielMuseum. There were two workshops powered by us: design your own sustainable packaging and design your own fabric design.

At the lasercutter, people could use Magic Box (our parametric design tool) to create there own packaging. We used a humble material -corrugated cardboard- and turned it into something precious, worth giving and worth keeping.

Repper pattern on the surface. The flames of burning cartboard were mesmerizing to all of us.

Girl mesmerized by the laser

The magic of technology revealed

Busy designing boxes

Designing boxes with Harry, Magic Box master

A finished box

A “bon-bon” box design by one of the participants

At another location in the TextielLab was a workshop making textile designs with Repper Pro. People could take a photo of anything, turn it into a pattern and print it on cotton. We don’t have the photos yet, but when you got the results, we’ll share them here on our blog!

We were featured on Brabant10, as part of the coverage of the Textiel Weekend. Check out the below video for our 5 minutes of fame on Brabant television:

September 25, 2010

Magic Box appears on Dutch news site!

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Last Friday, for the second time in a row, studio:ludens won the Unlimited Design Contest, a contest focused on open and collaborative design. We did not make a single design, but a design tool (what else would you expect from us?).

Last year Alex build a great little app for making box templates with any dimension you want. This year, Alex and Wouter elaborated on this idea and turned it into a parametric design tool. With the help of our dear interns (see previous post) we set up a website to promote the concept and a snappy video to explain it.

We already noticed that the Waag FabLab featured our tool and designs at PICNIC. Today, I was delighted to see a quick shot of our tool and some more of our parametric sunglasses design on Dutch news website Check the video below! You’ll see it quite early in the video, but for the impatient ones among you, skip to 0:20 :-)

September 15, 2010

Extending the workforce!

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We are seriously lucky to have found these two gems: Lotte & Harry. They will be joining studio:ludens for a 5-month internship.

Lotte van der Zanden

Lotte will be focusing on the promotion of Repper & visual communication. She will also make sure we don’t neglect the “female side” of studio:ludens and compensate our nerdiness a bit!

Henri Louis Schöter

Harry (Henri Louis for strangers) will be joining our efforts to keep improving the features and interface of Repper. He also has a broad range of interests and is very talkative, so he’ll make sure we get sufficiently distracted during the day!

They might be joining us during our upcoming events (NerdLab, TextielWeekend and Dutch Design Week), so if you want to meet them in person, just pop around during one of these activities.

August 26, 2010

Code tees – your secret in plain sight

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We just launched a new tool called “Code Tees”. It turns any text into a coded message composed of Braille, sign language or Morse code. Do you have a secret you would like to should out loud (I know it not yet Valentine’s Day, but still…)? Use this simple interface to put your most inner secrets on a shirt and wear with with pride!

We gladly donate 20% of our profits to Fight for Sight, a longstanding foundation that helps young eye-disease researchers get sufficient funding for their projects.

So get yourself a hyper-cool Code Tee and do a good deed as well!

June 23, 2010

Our Spoonflower Fabrics have arrived!

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Take a look at our first test with printing patterns on Fabric using the Spoonflower online service. We’re really happy with the results. Tell us what you think!

All patterns have been made with Repper Pro and are based on the illustration “Kaleidoscopic” by Daniel Rossi.

All based on this illustration

Kaleidoscopic by Daniel Rossi

Kaleidoscopic by Daniel Rossi

About Repper Pro

Repper Pro Repper Pro turns pattern-making into highly effective play. It offers smart features, packed into a clean interface for an incredibly low price.

Find out more about Repper Pro

About the artist

Daniel Rossi is an Eindhoven-based graphic designer and illustrator. He is originally from Canada. As he describes himself:

I don’t like to tag myself as anything in particular. Better said: I like boxes but not being put into one. This isn’t due to a lack of understanding about what it is I really do, but rather because above all I am lead by intuition. Being a graphic designer, come illustrator, artist who experiments in the tanglible world with furniture and interior spaces, I must rely on not one particular set of skills but many to carry out my work. Blurring the line between art and design is what helps me to achieve this. I believe that to fully explore a concept or idea one must build bridges and not barriers.

Daniel Rossi’s portfolio

Kaleidoscopic by Daniel Rossi


Spoonflower logo

Spoonflower is able to print any design you make with Repper. They have a variety of fabrics, including regular and organic cotton, linen-cotton and even exotics like bamboo-cotton. Prices range from 18 to 32 USD per yard (for metric-minded people: that’s about a square meter), with discount if you are the designer of the pattern.

Spoonflower online printing service

June 8, 2010

Strijp-S Open Day 2010

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Last Sunday (6th of June) Strijp-S opened its construction site soon-to-be creative hotspot for the people from Eindhoven. Strijp-S is already highly populated with creative dare-devils, but most of the time their efforts are hardly visible to the general public. This Open Day was aimed at giving Eindhoven a feel for what wondrous stuff is happening around here.

YouTube Preview Image

Little Mountain (the creative environment that studio:ludens is part of) also opened its doors and showed the wide variety of disciplines we have among us, including graphic design, product design, project management and architecture. Here is a short impression of the day. All photos can be found in the Open Day collection on Flickr.

Thanks to all visitors & mountaineers for a great day!

Little Mountain - Strijp S Open Day 2010

Busy, busy!

Little Mountain - Strijp S Open Day 2010

Look, it’s the upcoming studio:ludens intern crew! (Lotte & Henri)

Little Mountain - Strijp S Open Day 2010

With great grandeur, Hans is turning these kids into artists through his rock-painting masterclass

Little Mountain - Strijp S Open Day 2010

We themed the day “Fruitful” with tons of smoothy goodness

Little Mountain - Strijp S Open Day 2010

Patricia doing a little tour

more photos

Tips & Tricks for Repper Lite

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Repper Lite is the best tool for quickly creating patterns for use in graphic design, as website backgrounds or for your social profile. However, there are some less know features of Repper Lite that are worth checking out.

Did you know:

you can go full screen?

Click on the + in the top right corner of the tool and click the ‘go full screen’ button. Press Escape to go back.

you can use your webcam to create funky effects?

Select video in the first menu. You have to allow Flash to use your webcam. Now you can create patterns from your room, face or anything else you can find directly. Want to pause the video? Click the button again.

you can set your twitter background directly?

Create a pattern you like and click the ‘Create Twitter background’ button. Fill in your Twitter username and password (don’t worry, we won’t store anything) and click ‘change now’ to update. It’s that easy!

you can use patterns created by others?

Over 100.000 patterns have been created so far. You can explore these patterns in the gallery.

Take a look at the tag cloud to find something you like. Did you know you can also look for patterns by color?

And the best thing: you can use these patterns in your own (non-commercial) projects for free! So get inspired by the creativity of others.

Enjoy creating patterns with Repper Lite!

June 7, 2010

Interview with Carli Hyland

We’d like to present to you Carli Hyland, one of our most trusted users. She has been amongst our fans from the beginning and according to legend it was for her that Wouter made the first pattern-making experiment that would later turn into the Repper software. Enjoy!

illustration by Carli Hyland

Illustration by Carli Hyland

Tell us a bit about yourself. Are you a creative professional or do you spend your spare time on your own creative projects?

I am a photographer, illustrator and bookmaker, but I also do a bit of tiddling about with some design. I guess I’m a creative professional, I spend the majority of the working week designing and building books, on the weekends I shoot and in the evenings I process my photographs and create new ways of stitching books together. I recently illustrated a children’s book for Canadian writer Frank Streicher, soon to be published!


June 1, 2010

Sneak preview: simulating patterned textiles

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We’ve been playing around lately with applying patterns to fashion photos in graphic software, to see how the fashion folks are using Repper. The below image was made with some Photoshop trickery. We are planning to make you a video tutorial soon how to do this yourself!

Original photo by chwynyn

We think it would be incredibly cool to be able to apply patterns to imagery right in Repper and such a feature is definitely on our wish list for Repper Pro 2.0. Feel free to let us know what you think about this feature, dear Repper users!

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