May 17, 2010

Repper workshop: wallpaper designs

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The 2nd year students from the interior design school HMC explored wallpaper design through our introductory Repper workshops. After a short introduction to Repper and using patterns in Photoshop, they jumped right into the tool and made these wonderful patterns:

HMC Repper pattern HMC Repper pattern HMC Repper pattern HMC Repper pattern HMC Repper pattern HMC Repper pattern HMC Repper pattern HMC Repper pattern

You can view more of their creations in our gallery.

We were particularly amazed by the design below by Tara Smit, who simulated a 3D surface. In 1 word: wow!

Repper workshop: design-a-lamp

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Two weeks ago we did two workshops with 3rd year interior design students from HMC (Rotterdam) in which they designed a lamp shade in under 3 hours. Quite a challenge, or so we thought, but the students absolutely baffled us with their creative designs!

First they designed a set of patterns with Repper on the computer.

HMC computer room

Then it was time to get our hands dirty and started folding, cutting, bending and generally torturing the patterned paper.

students making patterned lamp shades

Here are some of the great prototypes:

designer – Karin Lammers ⇑ designer – Sanneke Tangel ⇑

We would like to thank all the enthusiastic teachers and students for a very educational and fun day!

p.s. tell us if your design is featured here and we’ll put your name under it!