custom design solutions

We provide custom solutions for your specific needs.

Tool integration & customization

Do you want to use one of your tools on your own website to create an additional revenue channel or engage them more with your product? We can even change the look, feel and functionality of a design tool to meet the needs of your users.

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Custom design tool building

Do you need a design tool to help your customers create their own take on your product? Or do you want to use it to stimulate the creative process, use production techniques more effectively or use it to teach?

We can build tools for your specific case. Check out our showcase to see what our customers say about their custom-built design tools.

Our tools can be integrated with a number of production processes. By using industry standards we are able to link our tools to virtually any computer-controlled process. You can think of laser-cutting, 2.5D milling, fabric printing and weaving, water-jet cutting and more.

Our unique approach

A design tool is not just a website or computer application. It has to be able to translate the intentions and ideas of the user into an end result that he/she is happy with.

We develop tools that are:

  • instantly usable, learn as you go
  • goal-oriented & process-enhancing
  • fun to use
  • uniquely fit for a design challenge

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