Magic Box

design customize extend share & make
furniture boxes spare parts fashion toys mechanics
jewelry robots products and more. in your browser.

Customize, create and share parametric designs in your browser.

They are product templates that have flexible properties that can be adjusted after the design has been made so you can change the design to your needs.

What is it?

Magic Box is an open-source project with the aim of promoting the use and re-use of parametric design for the creative industry.

It can be used by creatives that want to make things. FabLabs, open workspaces, design engineering projects, hobbyists can use designs made with Magic Box in their own work.

It’s free and open-source!

You can take a look at the code for the Magic Box Editor and Viewer, which is available on Google Code under the MIT license.

This means you can use it in your own projects, both personal and commercial.

Designs are released under a Creative Commons License: use freely, but give credit to the creator.

We need your help

We are looking for people who want to port Magic Box to HTML5 & Canvas, so it only uses web standards.

We are also looking for people who want to write documentation, create designs, test designs, promote the idea and get us coffee. Any help is welcome, really.

If you want to contribute to the project, please contact us.